Web Design

TheSoft is a company with extensive knowledge in web development. Using latest web technologies, we create pefectly suitable web applications for our clients. We believe in win - win deals and we do our best in every project we take, in order to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Software Development

We are specialized in web development, taking great pride in our work.
We create fully functionable web sites, keeping permanently contact with our clients in order to deliver the best products.
Our team is specialized in presentation web sites, e-commerce, wordpress and online catalogs.

Contact us

You can reach us by sending an email at contact@thesoft.ro
or by completing the formular from the contact page 

Modern Business: Full Website

Let us create for you a complete website which meet your needs.




Oferte Zi de Zi


Oferte Zi de Zi

Preparate Traditionale

Online Catalog

Preparate Traditionale


Online Portal

So, you want a web site, but you don't know where to start from?
Here we can help you decide what would suit best your business, in what way a web site or application can enhance your business and how to take the best out of it.
In this way you will profit from our experience and your learning curve will be much faster, even if you don't know much about online advertising or business.
We will show you simple steps on how to make your business even more easy and profitable.
With a fast growing internet community, you will reach so much faster to your possible clients and if you offer quality products or services, make sure you will have a lot more to win from online advertising and online business.
The communication with us will be direct and honest, in order to reach the goal a.s.a.p. and as smooth as possible.

Area of expertise:

  • HTML 5, CSS 3, javascript, jQuery, bootstrap
  • PHP, mySQL
  • Flash, actionscript
  • Wordpress
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Photoshop
  • 3D Studio Max

Our services:

  • Presentation sites
  • Online e-commerce sites
  • Dynamic web sites
  • Personalized web page
  • Custom modules and plugins
  • Logo design
  • Flash applications
  • Redesign web site
  • Web site creation consulting
  • Web site administration consulting
  • Web site maintenance